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Vermiculite coating, Exfoliated vermiculite, Vermiculite fireproof coating & Intumescent paint coating

Spray Applied Fire Resistive Material (Internal / UL263 / BS 476: Part 20&21)
The cementitious coating is made by inorganic material and it can be used for all kinds of steel building, construction and surface of concrete for fire protection. It consists of factory produced blend of exfoliated vermiculite, cementitious binders and rheological and mix dispersing agents supplied as a dry mix to which clean water is added on site. It is harmless, does not contain any asbestos or organic solvent. The product is approved for fireproofing of steel structure by the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia (BOMBA)

It can be applied by spray, trowel or plastering, and solidify quickly
Non-combustible and non-toxic, provides up to 4-hour fire protection with minimum weight and thickness
Lightweight – Weighs approximately 60% less than many sand products
Durable–Cannot rot or decay, strong but not brittle , maintenance free, successfully used on major construction projects
Tested to fire resistance rating standard ANSI/UL 263 (ASTM E119, NFPA 251) and GB14907-2002 and fully tested on structural beams and columns for up to 4 hours fire resistance
Noise Reduction – Reduces sound transmission between partitions
Solvent-Based Intumescent Paint (UL 263/BS 476 Part 21:1987)
The Mastic coating based on acrylic resin, special pigment and additives also has a fire protection efficacy. The paint film will be expanded to form a foam layer like sponge when occurred to the fire or heat. The foam layer is a good hot-block to reduce the temperature rising speed of steel structures.

Used for beams and columns of steel structures and the fire protection performance will vary with thickness of paint film into 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes.

  1. Low reactive to temperature
  2. No asbestos ingredient
  3. Thin paint film , quick dry
  4. Smooth and good appearance.
  5. Can be used together with different types of topcoats in different colors, thus provide fire protection and decorative functions.
  6. Excellent fire protection performance

Sprayed-Applied Fire Resistive Materials (exterior / UL1709)
Used for interior and exterior steel structures of buildings with excellent adhesion. This product is based on cement, vermiculite, special high chemical resistant fiber and no asbestos additive inorganic materials.

It has rigid and tough characteristic which can resist rapid rising temperature and polluted environment. It is best to be used in petrol chemical plant, oil and gas sector and other industrial facilities.

  1. Excellent physical properties
  2. Very good weather resistance
  3. Without containing asbestos
  4. Self corrosive prevention
  5. Easy application & low pollution (smooth appearance & dust-free)
  6. Certified UL1709 (Rapid Rise Fire Test of Protection Materials for Steel Structure, and Simulated Environmental Exposures)

Exfoliated vermiculite
We supply different grade of exfoliated vermiculite , which includes: Grade Superfine, Grade Medium & Large.