was established in Malaysia on July 2005. It was founded on the basis of
introducing the benefits of vermiculite in various industries sectors. At product level, we carry different grades of exfoliated vermiculite, including Large, Medium, Fine and Superfine. 

Industries such as building and construction , agriculture , packing , will benefit from the versatility of vermiculite. For the past few years the company has been developing markets, supplying in various different industries. These include:

Horticulture (growing medium, potting mix) 
Building & Constructions (lightweight mix, Insulation material, Fireproof coating, etc.)

Packaging ( DG packing for Air cargo, absorbent ) 
Industrial ( Brake pads, wire/steel galvanizations) 
End users ( gardening, reptile incubation, R&D etc. ) 

Our company serves as an ally to produce and to provide the technical knowledge and the product development to suit the customers need.